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Friday Shorts Block

  • 8/5/2022 - 8/5/2022

72 Hours In Patagonia, Arizona

If you’ve stepped into gravel cycling lately, chances are you’ve heard of “Patagonia.” No, not that Patagonia. This small Arizona town, nestled 18 miles north of the US-Mexico border boasts some of the country’s best gravel roads, breakfast burritos, and community gathering spaces. Follow the Coyote Collective as they take you through 72 hours in Arizona by way of locals, bike routs, and food fair.

Ottocentonovantasei Nuvole

Marco Maffeis is a small publisher from Clusone (BG), married and father of three children. He is one of the many Italians to fall seriously ill with Covid19, at the most difficult time, when this disease is totally unknown and the intensive care in Bergamo and the province have no more beds available. A hospital in Palermo offers the possibility, the space and the treatment to some patients from the north of Italy whose diagnosis seems hopeless. Marco, in a state of total unconsciousness, in a desperate respiratory condition, is taken by military plane 896 kilometres away. He wakes up after almost a month in a coma on the island that saved his life.

Fresh to Frightening - The Sharon Green Story

The world of competitive yacht racing is fast, exciting, and glamourous. From the America’s Cup to the Olympics to billionaires racing across exotic seas it is a world dominated by men.

Gracing covers of yachting magazines the world over images of these sailboats and their crews are captured by a small but elite group of yachting photographers – a profession also dominated by men.

But in the early ’80s, inspired by her father’s Canada’s Cup triumph a young girl from Burlington Bay Canada, Sharon Green, entered the fray. Ever since Green has established herself as one of the finest yacht racing photographers of her generation, perfecting aerial photography capturing incredible images of racing yachts in her favorite condition – Fresh to Frightening!

Sunrise Vibration

A young musician proposing “Anal sunbathing” to help a depressed friend living life through lockdown.

  • Time : 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm (UTC-5)
  • Registration Deadline : 8/5/2022

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