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Sunday Shorts Block

  • 8/7/2022 - 8/7/2022

Where the winds die

Sardasht is a kurdish city in West of Iran. Sardasht is the first city in the world to be victim of chemical weapons with mustard gas bombs at 4:15 p.m on Sunday, June 28th 1987.
This film is about before, after the bombing, Also a romantic relationship between an couple and finally, the effects of the post-war.

After Fred

After Fred is the story of a miraculous escape and how it’s never too late to change. Charlotta’s violent marriage was brought to an abrupt end after 40 years when a shop assistant witnessed her being attacked and called it out. Two years on she is free and, aged 82, is blossoming as a warrior advocate, supporting women decades younger than her to face the court system after making their own escapes from domestic violence.

Don't Hold Your Breath

When newly married 26-year-old Chandler Watson vacations with his family on a tiny, remote island off North Carolina’s coast, he experiences a near tragic event. This competitive, athletic young man, who sees himself as invincible, meets his match on a perfectly sunny day, quietly enjoying himself at a pool resort with his family. This cinematic and hybrid documentary short takes you through the families’ experiences and personal descriptions when it all comes crashing down. The gusto, the grief, and the guilt surface as we learn for the first time about a random, but dangerous and little-known incident that can happen to anyone.

  • Time : 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm (UTC-5)
  • Registration Deadline : 8/7/2022

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